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Nominations are now open for the Chicago Red Stars' 2023 #SHEINSPIRESME Award!

#SHEINSPIRESME is an annual award presented to women who exemplify leadership, practice social responsibility and who inspire and uplift their community.

The Red Stars will honor and celebrate one woman at every home game and across social media in 2023. Fans can nominate individuals by completing the form below.

Honorees will be contacted by the Red Stars directly if selected. All honorees will be invited to attend the annual #SHEINSPIRESME game where we will pick a winner of the 2023 Annual #SHESINPIRESME Award.

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Tameka Wilson

Congratulations on Tameka Lawson for being named #SHEINSPIRESME in the April 1 match. Tameka is a nonprofit leader and a grassroots organizer that constantly advocates for Black women and girls on the south and west sides of Chicago. She goes above and beyond to make sure that they have access to mental health and wellness opportunities. She also trains other leaders on how to provide mindfulness practices for their population of women and girls. Please join us in recognizing her contributions to the Chicago community.

Jesseca Rhymes

Congratulations on Jesseca Rhymes for being named #SHEINSPIRESME in the April 15 match. Over the past 8 years, Jesseca has worked tirelessly, through personal endeavors, her sorority, and professionally, to ensure all people have equitable access to basic necessities. She went from collecting 50,000-period products in her parent’s living room to distributing over a million diapers annually out of Share Our Spare’s warehouse. Since the start of her time at Share Our Spare 3 years ago, they have doubled the number of agencies served, which ensures thousands more Chicago area children have access to the basic items they need to support a strong start to life. Please join us in recognizing her contributions to the Chicago community.

Cherly Knecht

Congratulations on Cheryl Knecht for being named #SHEINSPIRESME in the April 29 match. Cheryl is the founder and owner of Schoolhouse Kitchen + Studio and has been inspiring kids through their hands-on cooking camps, birthday parties, family classes, and field trips for over 7 years in River Forest. Cheryl believes in the transformative power of the family dinner, and the incredible capacity of kids to do more than what they think is possible. She does this all while creating spaces that are inclusive, welcoming, supportive, and just plain fun.

Cheryl received the Golden Beet Award from the Illinois Stewardship Alliance for Community Food Development in 2015 and has three times been named to New City Chicago’s “Big Heat” list of Chicago’s “movers and shakers” in the Chicago food scene. This year, Cheryl has opened two new locations of Schoolhouse Kitchen + Studio to serve the communities of Portage Park and Wicker Park with her unique, hands-on programming.

Sarah Spunt

Congratulations to Sarah Spunt for being named #SHEINSPIRESME in our May 7 match.

Sarah has over 15 years of experience working in the public sector and has spent the past nine years working for LIFT-Chicago. Sarah currently serves as the executive director. LIFT-Chicago's mission is to break the cycle of poverty by investing in parents with young children to build families’ well-being, financial strength, and social connections to lift two generations at once. In addition to one-on-one coaching, LIFT provides back-to-school supplies, winter coats and gear, and baby items to over 200 Chicago families! And a big shoutout to fellow #SHEINSPIRESME champion, Jessica Rhymes and LIFT's partnership with Share Our Sphere to get diapers out to families each month!
Bridget Kurkamp #SHEINSPIREME

Bridget Kurkamp

Congratulations to Bridget Kurkamp for being named #SHEINSPIRESME in our May 27 match.

Bridget is a special education teacher in Joliet, IL and is running a new program to help students who typically struggle with traditional school to successfully graduate. She has devoted her career to making a difference in peoples' lives and is an inspiration to her peers and students. Bridget attributes her drive and determination to her mom and continuously strives to be the best person she can be for her daughter and family.

Aimee Mayuga

Congratulations to Aimee Mayuga for being named #SHEINSPIRESME in our May 31 match.

imee has exemplified compassion in her role as a physician helping patients with complicated and painful medical diseases. She has shown fortitude as a breast cancer survivor, and she has been unfailingly generous with her time and resources, championing causes like the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab, the Prentice Women’s Hospital Neonatal ICU, the March of Dimes foundation, local museums, zoos, the arboretum, and more. A recent endeavor has been to create ways for neurodiverse children to have positive experiences. Thank you for your contributions to the community!