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November 13, 2013

Ella Masar’s Copenhagen Diary: Part 2

We checked in with forward Ella Masar who left for Copenhagen to compete with B93/HIK/Skjold in late September. Enjoy some photos of her time overseas in this second diary documenting October!

As many of you know, I have been spending my last 6 weeks in Copenhagen. My goal was to come here to improve as a player and to help the club stay on top of the table. Unfortunately, there was a mishap with my “paperwork” and I never got cleared. As frustrating as that could be for some I have really enjoyed the experience.

I have been able to have some incredible extra trainings and have loved exploring the city…. bike and all.


IMG_5470In my last post, I mentioned the graffiti here. This photo is from one of my “hidden” treasures I found. It is about 3 minutes away by bike and where I go Friday mornings to do some extra ball work.

IMG_5473The National Futbol stadium is also close to my apartment and about 2 weeks I received tickets to head to seem them play against Italy for World Cup Qualifiers. Nothing against the Danes, but seeing Italy was a dream for me. From Buffon to Pirlo to Chiellini, there are some greats I enjoyed watching since I was a little kid.

IMG_5640It seems I have always found a way to “celebrate” Halloween no matter where I have been in the world. From playing in Norway to here, I have made sure to educate my fellow teammates about the greatness of this holiday. Ha Don’t worry my roommates and I made sure we upheld the tradition this year as well. …
Grease anyone?!

IMG_5681As I mentioned above, with not being cleared I have been able to take advantage of some days off with training. There were three places I really wanted to try to visit while being in Europe. The first was Cologne to see our lovely Germans, Sonja Fuss & Inka Grings. 

IMG_5798The next stop was Oslo. After playing there for two different 3 month stunts, it is a place that I have forged very good friendships. One of my favorite parts was trying to put to sleep one of my friend’s 4 year-old son. He does not speak English and I do not speak much Norwegian. So after 30 minutes of trying to read a bed-time story we reverted to alternating counting to 10 in each others language and ended in song ha.

IMG_5768Can you see the heart?! 😀 (From Oslo Opera house)

IMG_5848No matter where I head in this world I make sure I always make it to a museum for my mother. With my time here coming to an end, I finally made it to Louisianna. That is a world-renowned contemporary art museum. I know this picture does not show the actual pieces but who can pass up a full rainbow that forms right above the entrance?! Don’t worry Mom, I made sure I made it through all the exhibits.

Biking… oh how I have a love/hate relationship with it.

I have had three lovely accidents and only one was my fault!

IMG_5623My first one (thigh bruise) was caused when I was cruising in the morning and then next thing I knew I felt a jerk and was laying on my back w/ my bike on top of me. After coming back to my senses and being helped up by two men, who looked horrified, I realized that my chain had actually snapped which caused me flying aka my bruise is probably best case scenario for that accident.

IMG_5834The 2nd one, well that was my fault but doesn’t need to be talked about ha.

And finally you can see that this one was far less serious. The best part about it was that I was just walking my bike and all of a sudden the front tire popped off which caused it to ram into my leg. Not only did it rip my jeans but also made a 3 inch cut down my leg.

Again, I have witnesses to confirm all three stories…. Unfortunately ha.



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