Moments of the Season: Chicago Launches the Elevated Kit

CHICAGO — The Red Stars have always been proud to call Chicago their home, donning the stars and the color of their city’s flag on their jerseys throughout the eleven-year history of the club. In 2019, however, Chicago added more Chicago flair with the introduction of the new Elevated Kit. 

“This jersey is absolutely a pivotal moment in Red Stars history,” said Owner Arnim Whisler at the jersey launch in April. “In a year with the Women’s World Cup and the player’s representing their countries, this breaks it down even more as a representation of Chicago. We were able to fully customize this year’s jersey top with the two crucial pieces of Chicago – the skyline and train system. Our team has always been known to have the top jerseys in the league and I think this year we continue to lead the way again. This jersey is more than just a jersey. It truly is a piece of Chicago and art and I am excited for the Chicago locals to finally see it.”


The Elevated kit contains the entire Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) ‘L’ train. Named the ‘L’ for the elevation of the tracks in Chicago, the jersey was named the “Elevated” jersey in honor of the unique train system in the city.

On the back, the pattern continues on the bottom of the jersey as the cities famous skyline is put on the back. The entire Chicago skyline graces the back of the jersey, adding in another design unique to Chicago and the Red Stars.

The Elevated Kit received great praise and was undeniably wanted by the Chicago faithful as it sold out quickly after launch and continues to be in high demand. 

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