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December 15, 2022

Statement From The Board of the Chicago Red Stars

The following is a statement from the Board of the Chicago Red Stars:

“The past year presented a sobering opportunity to examine our club and its culture, including the harm caused by Rory Dames, Arnim Whisler and others as described in the report. We continue to reflect and take action to correct organizational shortcomings and ensure the future reflects the environment we’ve committed to our players, partners, staff and fans. We are deeply sorry to the players that have been affected as a result of these failings and recognize that healing requires accountability.

We have directed our efforts over the past year towards making positive and intentional changes centered around fostering a safe and productive environment for players and staff, and rebuilding trust across our organization and the sports community. Some of these changes include the engagement of third-party partners in human resources and sports psychology to assess and improve policies, procedures, training and reporting for players, front office and team staff. Additionally, we have secured new front office space and player housing and will further improve technical facilities for the 2023 season. We have engaged with players and staff to identify other near-term priorities to support them on and off the field and are dedicated to addressing these in the months to come. We will also work with the league to put into place the additional procedures and policies outlined earlier today.

The players, front office and technical staff have shared with the Board a collective desire to shift our efforts forward to the future. As we digest the findings of the joint investigation report, we acknowledge the considerable work ahead to continue building trust with players, staff, and the community. We are encouraged to know our partners are committed to stand beside us as we work every day to create a new standard for women’s soccer in Chicago.

As previously confirmed, Inner Circle Sports has been engaged to manage the active sale of the majority owner’s shares in a timely and prudent manner. This, and keeping the Red Stars in Chicago, remains our priority.”


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