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May 8, 2023

Red Stars and Sam Fisher Team Up with Urban Initiatives

On May 4th 2023, the Chicago Red Stars partnered with Urban Initiatives (UI) to help run the UI Gameday for Barton Elementary, Claremont Elementary School, Reavis Elementary School and Scott Joplin Elementary School at SoFive Chicago. Red Stars volunteers and special guest midfielder Samantha Fisher teamed up with the UI staff and schools to provide the children with a game day they’ll remember for years to come.

Urban Initiatives provides various programs for youth and community development as they believe the power of play can help Chicago become safer, more equitable and more connected. By introducing the youth to sports at a young age, Urban Initiatives strives to empower the youth through achieving academic success, developing social emotional skills and social capital–which parents are a fan of.

“It gives them a lot more to think about, even at a young age it gives them a lot more to think about,” a parent attending said. “Whether it’s soccer, football, baseball, volleyball, you try to expose them to lots of different sports and just let them grow.”

“[Urban Initiatives] are really important. They teach them to interact with different kids and other adults so those social skills they’re learning now gives them more traction and hopefully propels them to go even further. That’s a great thing.”

With Fisher in attendance for the gameday, she was ecstatic to help cheer on the kids and interact with the local fanbase in Chicago. Fisher even had the time to conduct a Q&A with the kids in which they learned about playing professionally and the social skills necessary to improve on and off the pitch.

Some group and individual photos followed as the Red Stars and Urban Initiatives wrapped up their successful gameday


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