Excerpt taken from “The Lowdown: Red Stars GM LaHue Goes to Columbia” by The Equalizer’s Dan Lauletta.

So what do NWSL general managers do in the offseason? If you are Alyse LaHue, along with tirelessly trying to push the Red Stars brand in and around Chicago, you spend a week and a half in Colombia with Monica Gonzalez helping to launch Gonzo Soccer programs in four different cities.

“The state department asked Monica to go down and basically just run a soccer clinic.  She was going to be an ambassador for a week,” LaHue said.  “The U.S. Embassy in Bogota, Colombia, really liked what we were doing and we were lucky enough that someone applied on our behalf for a grant.  We ended up getting it.”

To read more about LaHue’s trip to Columbia, visit Equalizer Soccer.

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