We gave Maria Sanchez rapid fire questions and she had to give Red Stars fans her best answer on the spot.

Favorite Music: Hispanic

Favorite Movie: Coco

Favorite City/State/Country you’ve been thanks to soccer: Vancouver, Canada

Favorite Athlete: Cristiano Ronaldo

Favorite Actor/ress: Dave Franco

Favorite Food: Tacos

First thought when you got drafted: Unreal/ grateful

Favorite Cleats: Nike Superfly

Hot dog or hamburger: Hamburger

The First thing you want to see or do in Chicago: Play soccer/ the soccer field

Chocolate or Fruit: fruit

Texting or Talking: talking

The Last song you downloaded: Hand On Me by BURNS, Maluma, and Rae Sremmurd

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Fill in the Blank: Taylor Swift is emotional

Invisibility or flying powers: flying powers

First celebrity crush: Cristiano Ronaldo

Favorite Number: 17

⁃Dogs or cats: dogs

Biggest Fear: losing a loved one

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