Our Commitment

We didn’t want to rush for optics sake. We wanted to reflect. We took #blackouttuesday as an opportunity to ​come together and  look critically at ourselves as an organization and to begin to understand how we’ve played our part in allowing the same, unacceptable narrative of racism to permeate our country.  

We haven’t done enough with our position of influence for the black community. Or for any marginalized, underserved or underrepresented population for that matter. We cannot, and will not, continue this way because we cannot, and will not, stand for this narrative any longer. 

​But denouncing systemic racism, oppression, and police brutality isn’t enough. We need action. Tangible next steps. So today we’ve identified additional ways, however small, to continue improving our organization and begin on a path of growth, education, and betterment. The Red Stars will build a humble space where mistakes can (and will) be made, owned, and learned from. We invite you to join us and to hold our organization and one another accountable for forward progress. 

Here is where we begin: 

Meaningful education 

  • We will partake in allyship training as a full organization, initially focused on supporting the black community and fighting against racismand we will share the opportunity to participate with the broader community. 
  • We will open lines of communication with players, supporters’ organizations, and local government – and then we will listen. 
  • We will identify books, podcasts, documentaries, and other resources that will aid in our growth and understanding. We will share those with you, and we will discuss. 

Better representation 

  • We will present diverse artists, authors, illustrators, musicians, leaders, and athletes in our content. 
  • We will use our privilege and position of influence to amplify black voices, LGBTQ voices, the voices of POC, the disabled, and other marginalized communities. 
  • We will proactively look for opportunities to engage with minority-owned businesses when needs for vendors arise. 

Ongoing Solidarity 

  • We will not stop. The Red Stars will dedicate themselves to the lifelong of commitment that is true allyship. When the hashtags have quieted, we will remain steadfast next to you. 

Enough is enough. Change is mandatory. This is our first step.  

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