Alyssa Mautz Russia Diary: October

We checked in again with midfielder Alyssa Mautz as she competes in her first season with Zorky of the Russian Supreme League.

This month we started off with our first away trip to Perm Russia catching a stylish airplane.

mautz russia 2.1

Perm Stadium where we won 3-1.

mautz russia 2.5

Our first real Russian meal served at the hotel was a burger and mashed potatoes. Most of the meat is boiled here which is very interesting. I made sure to drench mine in ketchup.

mautz russia 2.2

On game day I like to go for a walk. Some of us found an amusement park to walk around in Perm. I think it was equivalent to our Six Flags.

Mautz Russia 2.3

The ropes course which was my favorite thing at the park.

Mautz Russia 2.4

Photo Shoot Day! GK Chante Santiford.

mautz russia 2.6

Ashley Nick and I after getting our hair and makeup done.

mautz russia 2.7

Getting on the third airplane to make it to our finally destination Akureyri, Iceland for our first Champions League game.

mautz russia 2.8

The scenery in Iceland was unreal. One of the prettiest countries I have been to.

mautz russia 2.9

Never would have thought to see jelly fish in the water in Iceland.

mautz russia 2.10

Home stadium to the Icelandic team where we beat them 2-1.

mautz russia 2.11

Of course we had to make a stop at the best place in Iceland to get ice cream.

mautz russia 2.12

My roommate Amy Barczuk cooking in our lovely kitchen at our apartment.

mautz russia 2.13

A typical dinner we make. Lets just say we could easily become vegetarians here in Russia.

mautz russia 2.14

When we really feel home sick this is our go to restaurant in our neighborhood to get any type of food you want. They even have an English menu but we still have to just point to what we want to order. I would have to say the language barrier is the hardest part about living here just because it is so different.

mautz russia 2.15
Stay tuned next month for the final installment of the Mautz Diary from Russia!

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