Club releases new primary logo, secondary logo and hashtag

CHICAGO – Today, the Red Stars share a new brand identity with fans that embodies the city of Chicago.

“When the Red Stars first brought women’s professional soccer to Chicago in 2007, we knew it would be an uphill battle, but something that was worth it for the city,” said owner Arnim Whisler. “Today, we continue to grow and have the best players in the world playing right here in Chicago. This branding kicks off a new era for our franchise as we aim to create a more city based look to honor everything that Chicago represents.”

The city of Chicago is Millennium Park, Grant Park, John Hancock, Sears Tower, Navy Pier, the Riverwalk, Michigan Ave., the Loop, the professional sports – Blackhawks, Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, Fire, Sky, Bandits – but most of all, it is the people. The people of Chicago show an amount of pride in the city and to their athletic teams unparalleled to anywhere else in the world and the Red Stars cannot picture a better city to represent.

The new crest is inspired directly from the Chicago flag and the elements that tie together Chicago’s remarkable people, culture and history. A new shape exemplifies a traditional soccer crest, which allows the club to pay tribute to all the women that have worn the previous crest with pride and have paved the way for where the Chicago Red Stars are today in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL).

With the flag as the foreground to the Red Stars logo, the club hopes to represent everything that the people of Chicago love about this great city. The new secondary logo features a prominent and unique “C,” providing a strong tradition and tie to Chicago sports teams, with a six-point star at it’s center, similar to that found on the flag.

In honor of a new logo, a new feel, a new meaning to representing the city, the club felt a need for a new hashtag to represent Chicago and all it provides for the Red Stars.

“My Kind of Town,” a popular song recorded by Frank Sinatra in 1964, pays homage to the Windy City and provides a great example of what makes this town extraordinary. The Chicago Red Stars have decided to celebrate Chicago in its entirety and are honored to use the hashtag #MKOT for all of their social media channels.

At home, the team plays with the city skyline as their backdrop. The players look into the stands where the fans are waving the Chicago flag to show their support. We will never lose the city and the supporters we are representing every day. This is our kind of town, Chicago is. On the road, we always play with the city in our hearts. Each and every jersey can be found with our crest, reminding us where we come from because each time we roam, Chicago is calling us home.

You can view the entire rebrand here.

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