Looking to bring a group out to a Red Stars Game?  Bring a group of 10 or more and not only will you save money, but you also could create the experience of a lifetime for your group!


GROUP DISCOUNTS:   Single game tickets for groups of 10 or more can be purchased at the group prices listed above.  Just call our ticket office at 773-697-8699 or scroll down to fill out the information request form and we’ll contact you!

SUITES:  Suites are available for groups of 16 or larger that allow you enjoy a private suite with seating for up to 20 and the opportunity to have your event fully catered!  Suite access starts at $800 and includes 16 game tickets.  For more information about suites, just scroll down to the form below or call our ticket office directly at 773-697-8699

IN ADDITION, larger groups also have a chance to be a part of the gameday action in many different ways. 

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PREMIUM EXPERIENCES:  If you’re interested in giving your team a chance to be PLAYER ESCORTS or BALL KIDS for a game, just click here for all the details on those premium experiences

KNOCKERBALL:  Some people call it Bubble Soccer, but we call it Knockerball!  Click Here for information about how your group can be 1 of just 10 throughout the season to play Knockerball on the field at halftime of a Red Stars game. 40 ticket minimum, 10 available (1 per game)

FLAG KIDS:  10 participants holding the Red Stars and NWSL flags during pre-game ceremonies.  30 ticket minimum, 10 available

HALF-TIME MINI GAMES:  20 participants on the field at halftime playing a mini-game.  75 ticket minimum, 16 available.

WARM-UP SQUAD:  Up to 16 participants get up close to the pre-game action cheering on the Red Stars while they warm up and giving high 5’s as they leave the field.  50 ticket minimum, 10 available

POST-GAME, IN-GOAL PHOTOS: Your players photographed on the field at the end of the game you attend.  40 ticket minimum, 10 available per game

If any of the above interest you, just fill out the information form below and someone will contact you within 48 hours

Don’t want to wait to be contacted?  Just call our ticket office directly at 773-697-8699

Thanks for your interest in the Chicago Red Stars!  We can’t wait to welcome you to a game!

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