Find below the credential application form for the 2016 Chicago Red Stars campaign. In an effort to simplify the process, we will be issuing season-long passes in 2016. To request a credential, please fill out and submit the form. Alternatively you may access and print the PDF version and submit the completed form by email ( or by mail (Chicago Red Stars, Attn: Justyne Freud, 710 W. Belden Ave., Chicago, IL 60614).

You will be able to pick up your season-long pass at the first home game after you submit your request, provided you have received a note confirming the request was approved.

Single game credential requests, please fill out the same form below. Credential requests submitted less than 24 hours before a given game may not be considered until after that game. Filling out and submitting the form does not a guarantee you will receive any or all of the credentials requested. Those completing for a single game credential, if approved, will be given a day pass. Check-in for all media is at Gate E. 

For additional information, please contact Chicago Red Stars Communications Manager at or 714-595-9820.

The complete 2016 Red Stars schedule may be found here.

2016 Media Credential Request Form

  • This credential is a non-transferable, personal license and must be clearly displayed at all times. This credential is issued solely to provide stadium access to an individual with a legitimate working function at a game involving a member team of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL). The bearer must be on assignment (as an employee or agent for the organization to which this credential is issued). This credential is property of National Women’s Soccer League and any unauthorized use of this credential subjects the bearer to ejection from the stadium and possible prosecution for criminal trespass. Resale or attempted re-sale is grounds for seizure and cancellation. Possession of this credential does not guarantee the bearer a seat in the stadium. The use of any and all media of NWSL events or excerpts thereof shall be limited to news coverage by the accredited organization unless expressly authorized in writing by NWSL. Television and radio stations and Internet outlets may use excerpts of NWSL games only in the manner and on the terms and conditions set forth in contracts or agreements with such outlets. Any other use, including, but not limited to advertising, promotional contests and sweepstakes or other trade purposes, requires the prior specific written approval of NWSL. Permission to film, tape or transmit NWSL games may be revoked at any time by NWSL. All ownership copyright and property rights in NWSL games, the telecasts thereof and in the events and activities conducted in the stadium shall remain the sole property of NWSL and no such rights are conferred or to be conferred or created on behalf of any other person or entity by the issuance of this credential. The bearer of this credential and his or her employer assume all risk and danger of personal injury and all other hazards arising from or related in any way to this event and shall agree to indemnify and hold harmless NWSL, its member teams, other agents and employees from and against all liability, loss, damages or expense resulting from or arising out of his or her presence at the stadium. The bearer grants permission to the NWSL to utilize the bearer’s image, likeness or voice in connection with any broadcast, photograph or other reproduction of this event via any media and for any purpose, without compensation. Acceptance of this credential indicates agreement with all conditions listed herein. No autographs are to be requested during media access periods.

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