The Red Stars are no longer seeking host families for the 2019 season. Please check again soon!

This is very special program for both the players and families involved. The players truly feel like they have a home away from home and the families feel like they gain another family member.


“We are so blessed to watch the players we host pursue their dreams and see the hard hard work they endure every day to contribute to Red Star success.  They are so talented and we hope we can make them feel comfortable and at home so they can focus on their success.  We have met their parents and those of other first team Red Stars and feel the same support and love from the Red Star Community.  Hosting is love for the team and love for women’s soccer.”
          – Dave, Host Family 2016-Present


What is expected of a host family?
Their needs are relatively simple: a private room, access to a bathroom, space in the refrigerator, laundry, a place to park their car (if needed) and a family to cheer them on. It is our goal for a player to feel as if they have a home away from home.


Are we allowed to host more than one player?
Absolutely, if you have the space we would love to place teammates together. We just ask that each player have their own room.


How long will the player(s) be staying at our home?
Pre-season typically begins in early March so players would be arriving a week or so before the season (schedule TBD) begins. Players only participating in our reserve team program will start arriving between April and May. The actual move in date will vary from player to player depending on their situation. Ideally, the players would live with your family for the entire season unless traded or released, which will end in late August or September based on post-season play.


Will the player(s) have a car? If not, will we be expected to drive the player(s) places?
Many of the players have their own cars. Players that do not have cars are strategically placed in homes close to the field, public transportation or players who do have cars, so their teammates can give them rides. We do not expect host families to drive our players around.


We would really like a player that could help our young daughter/son with their soccer skills. Is this possible?
A player is free to help out around the home or with your children as they please. At no point should a player feel obligated or pressured to do so. That being said our players are genuinely nice people who, without asking, may offer a helping hand.


Are we responsible for providing the player(s) with food and meals while they are staying with us?

Players are responsible for providing and paying for their own food, but we do encourage both the families and players to have family dinners from time to time.

What is the process for choosing a host family?

Once you have expressed interest you will be sent a basic questionnaire. The questionnaire asks for general information about your location, home, and family. If the accommodations suit our needs, we will then set up an in-home interview between you and a representative from the Red Stars Organization.  A background check that we will provide is required for all interested families.  The final step would be matching your family with one of our players.    

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