Red Stars forward Ella Masar keeps a personal blog of soccer experiences and beyond. Here’s an excerpt of her latest post ‘Engagement’:
“You know what I have found is the hardest part of taking time off . . . Finding where in the heck you are going to begin again.

Meaning whether it is my blog or jumping back on the treadmill, I usually completely blotch my first “workout.” The only good news is that at least with my blog I can’t physically find myself picking myself off the floor ha

So as I look back at the last two months there are a couple things jump to mind. Number one is definitely a recent engagement in the family. . . no, no, no it is not me but oh how I wish ha. However, I will make sure I end this post with that story because it is simply the best thing evvvveeerrr”…. Read the rest at


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