About Us:

Since 2007 the Chicago Red Stars have been running specialized training for aspiring women soccer players.  The Red Stars are the leading provider for elite and developmental training for female soccer players in the Midwest. Whether youth players are aiming to make a team, or aspire to play in college and beyond– no one else between the coasts has professional women’s soccer players from the top league in the world (NWSL) involved in their training.

Our strategy is simple – bring in the coaches that instruct some of the top players in the world (collegiate and pro-level coaches) to design and conduct training specifically tailored to developing the necessary skills of women and youth players to make it to the next level.

We offer year round instruction across the Midwest in our own camps, clinics, and training. We have carefully selected partners and formed strong relationships with the highest-level soccer organizations in the United States to work with the development of women soccer players.

Our offerings include:

– Tailored small group training

– Team-based training for your entire squad

– Rec-level instruction to instill passion in young players

– Residential camps and Day camps

– Multi-week skill building through progressive sessions

– Training experiences for player to watch the pros and then train like the pros

– Elite goalkeeper training

– Pregame training on Toyota Park’s game field

– Indoor winter training sessions

– And more!!

Each offering includes a professional women’s soccer player appearance to help aid in the training process by teaching and discussing what it takes to play at the highest level. Participants will experience personal interaction nowhere else.

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